The Quasar Way


Curated by Benedetto Todaro, The Quasar Way, Rome, Quasar Progetto, 2018

Creativity is an individual gift that exists only if recognized by others, it can express itself in different forms through various languages. Language is the code of communication, without sharing languages there is no communication, the creative use of language does not break the code and maintains comprehensibility. Beauty is a form of Genius, indeed, it is higher than Genius because it does not need explanations. It is one of the greatest facts in the world, like sunlight, spring, the reflection in the dark water of that silver shell we call the moon. The designer is a creator who gives life to what is not yet there, produces useful innovation by convincing others of the goodness of his own creation. Ethics is the aesthetics of the inside. Creativity, pride and humility. Creativity, sense of her-himself, sense of others. The artist is irresponsible. The designer is responsible. The artist is free. The designer has ethical constraints. The artist can cultivate negative feelings, he can hate his neighbor. The Designer loves others. The artist can take risks. The designer treasures the experience and risks taken by the artist. Designing is much more than assembling, ordering or modifying: it means adding value and meaning, illuminating, simplifying, clarifying, changing, elevating, staging, persuading and even entertaining. Design is the beginning and the end, the process and the fruit of the imagination. The future? We are writing it.

 To celebrate thirty years of projects, thoughts and people.

Language: Italian

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